Ongoing projects

· Eating with smell loss

In a collaboration between chefs and scientists, we aim to understand how smell loss affects eating habits and pleasure from eating. As a part of this project, we will develop recipes for patients with smell loss (see Danish recipes to patients: Mad uden lugtesans_210126)

· Characterization of gustatory function and its importance in health and disease

By investigating the peripheral and central gustatory changes in individuals with normal taste and smell function as well as patients and individuals who have undergone extensive taste training, we aim to investigate the peripheral and central plasticity potential of the sense of taste.

· Patients with smell and taste loss in Denmark

During the initial two years of the first smell- and taste disorder clinic in Denmark, more than 500 patients have been examined, tested, and diagnosed. In this publication, we will describe this clinical population and suggest improvements of testing, diagnostics, and treatment in the primary sector.

· Olfaction and gambling

By testing the olfactory function in gamblers, we aim to map changes in the olfactory perception in this population.

· Olfactory networks and performance in depressed patients

By testing and scanning depressed patients, we aim to explore underlying mechanisms behind the previously established olfactory deficits in depression.

· The effect of sound on gustatory sensitivity

By applying extensive gustatory testing during silence and MRI noise, we aim to map the changes in gustatory perception caused by noise.