Ongoing projects

· Characterization of gustatory function and its importance in health and disease (PhD Project)

By investigating the peripheral and central gustatory changes in this patient group and investigating the corresponding changes in a population who have undergone extensive taste training, we aim to investigate the peripheral and central plasticity potential of the sense of taste.

· Creation and validation of a sensitive gustatory drop test

By using small differences in tastant concentration, we aim to create and validate a gustatory threshold test, which is sensible to discrete changes in gustatory sensitivity.

· The effect of coffee on gustatory and olfactory sensitivity

By applying extensive testing before and after coffee, we aim to map the changes in chemosensory perception caused by coffee consumption.

· Sniffin Sticks extended TDI validation

By testing normosmic and hyposmic individuals, we aim to validate the extended version (64 point) of the Danish Sniffin’ Sticks olfactory test.

· Validation of the olfactory fingerprint in a normative population

By completing DTI scans in a new normative population, we aim to validate our olfactory fingerprint methods, previously published in Nature’s Scientific Reports.

· Olfaction and gambling

By testing the olfactory function in gamblers, we aim to map changes in the olfactory perception in this population.

· Olfactory networks and performance in depressed patients

By testing and scanning depressed patients, we aim to explore underlying mechanisms behind the previously established olfactory deficits in depression.